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Announcement for Multiple Communities


Good evening to all of our amazing McKinley Hyde Park residents!


 The McKinley Hyde Park team would like to to take this time to help everyone be as informed and prepared as possible for upcoming weather. While some of us are familiar with hurricanes and other severe weather that occurs in Florida, others may need a crash course or friendly reminder.


While we are not currently under any storm warning or hurricane warnings it is important that everyone knows how to prepare and keep informed! We will continue to update My McKinley and keep you all up to date, however, we would encourage you to check local news for up to date weather announcements.


First step: Know the difference-

Hurricane Watch: Hurricane conditions are a threat within 48 hours. Review your hurricane plans. Get ready to act if a warning is issued, and stay informed.

 Hurricane Warning: Hurricane conditions are expected within 36 hours. Complete your storm prep and leave the area if directed to do so by authorities.


 Second step: Be prepared

- Listen and be informed as weather changes. Storms can grow in strength, weaken, or change direction at any time. Watch and listen for local weather updates from news channels, internet sites, and radio. They will have up to date information about any watches, warnings or other directions from authorities.

-Gather supplies that you may need incase of emergency

* First aid kits

* Battery powered radio

* Flashlights

* Extra batteries

* Enough bottled or jugged water to last 3-4 days

* Have food in the house including non-perishable incase of power outage (for 3-4 days)

* Fill your gas tank incase an evacuation is ordered for your area

* Make sure any important medications are filled and stocked (diabetic insulin etc)

 -Secure any outdoor area associated with your apartment home

* If/when a hurricane arrives in our area -bring patio furniture, plants, and rugs inside- there are strong winds associated with hurricanes and anything left outside could become damaged or damage nearby cars and buildings.

* If you are leaving town, and will be gone during the potential threat, please consider bringing your outdoor items in before you leave- just in case!


 Third Step: Stay Informed

 - Be aware of evacuation plans for your area and have plans to do so if ordered by authorities

- Visit and search "evacuation" for more information about your evacuation plan and other storm information.

- Check My.McKinley for any important resident information from the McKinley Hyde Park team

- Listen to local news and radio for information about schools closing and classes being canceled. No need to risk your life to go to Bio-Chem Lab if it is canceled. Your schools should also be actively informing you if the conditions arise.



The McKinley team is doing what we can to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We want you to be able to do the same. We would rather be safe than sorry as Hurricane Danny approaches Florida.


Warmest regards and best wishes from the McKinley Hyde Park team!

Courtney, Mary, Laurie, Austin, Jason, Derek, Anthony, Fred and Lisa