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brittaty's picture
Feedback Problem for The Villas

I called the office to complain about my heat, or lack there of. My apartment was 73 degrees last night, 60 this morning at 8am and its 58 degrees right now and dropping. The maintenance man (Jesse) stopped over to check my heat. He was great but honest, the heat is on full blast but the building is so old that it all goes out the windows and sliding door. He read my heater at 110 degrees but over by my sliding door was 31 with a draft constantly coming through. I know its extremely cold out today but I should not be wearing a coat and blankets inside my apartment. It is literally warmer in the hallway. There needs to be some type of other remedy then "sorry the building is old."

tia.davis's picture
tia.davis McKinley Employee

Thank you for reaching out to us about the heating in your apartment. It is very difficult to combat the subzero temperatures outside and the 15 mph winds. I am happy to hear that Jesse from our maintenance team stopped by to make sure that the heat is working, and it sounds like it is. With the boiler heating system, it can only put out so much heat and mother nature are giving it a run for its money.

Please be patient with us. Our team is working as quickly as possible to handle any ‘no heat’ maintenance request. Luckily the temperatures will be back above zero tomorrow, so we just have one more day of bundling up. Please remember that if your home is above 65 degrees today that you are about 80 degrees warmer than outside. So, though it is likely cooler than we would normally keep your home, this is an extraordinary weather event.

Please call the office if you think the heat is not working. Maintenance is more than happy to come and check on it for you!

Have a great day!