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MichaelTocco's picture
Feedback Problem for The Villas

It is currently 4 AM and I was just woken up by someone banging on my door a bunch, then I went to check it and nobody was there. I understand the staff is probably annoyed by the door on building A (2127) at this point. Every time you fix it, someone who lives here finds a way to break it. But I think I can speak for many in the building that it feels less safe when the door is always wide open. Thank you.

laura.riss's picture
laura.riss McKinley Employee

Good morning, Michael!

Thank you for letting us know about the concern with the south door on your building. I completely understand your frustration and apologize that the door has continued to break, even after repairs. Our team went back over yesterday to repair the closer on the door, which repaired the issue with the door not latching. I will follow up with you as well as walk the building myself to ensure it is latching properly. Thank you again for letting me know and if you have any other concerns, please reach out to me. Thank you,

Laura A. Riss

Zae's picture

I also live in building 2127.. Someone actually breaks the elbow mechanism that pulls the door closed.. I've found it fixed several times only to be re-broken within days. I know you guys put up camera's outside but maybe one in the actual hallway would help catch the person that keeps doing it. I do appreciate your due diligence rectifying it quickly though. They used to simply break the lock..

laura.riss's picture
laura.riss McKinley Employee

Good morning, Xavier! We have noticed that the closer at the top of the door seems to be broken more than the lock/handle etc. I apologize that it continues to be a concern, and we absolutely appreciate that it is brought to our attention so we are able to fix it immediately and brainstorm on how to keep the door from being broken. Please keep us posted and if there are any other concerns, please reach out so we can address them for you. I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks, Laura A. Riss