When will my apartment be takin care of?!

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Feedback Problem for Roundtree

I've been working with the office for MONTHS on trying to get this apartment together. My ac is broken leaving a $200 electric bill that I had to pay for last month, we are burning up in here!!! My dishwasher is STILL not fixed after asking consistently for months to have it Please replaced along with maintenance coming out multiple times stating the same thing that it needs to be replaced, there is water leaking above the shower ceiling and the board is soaked with water stains from my shower in the hall. The door on the backroom was never fixed so it finally came off the hinges at the top and what's worse? My apartment is infested with fleas that keep biting and jumping on us. We don't even have pets!!! Corporate has been called.. I am very disappointed with Roundtree apartments.

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72 hours is our max time to have things fixed.

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tia.davis McKinley Employee

Thank you for using My.Mckinley to report a problem in your home. I really appreciate you speaking with me today. Chad from our maintenance will be there early this afternoon to address your concerns. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. Have a great day!



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I hope that maintenance will take care of the issues this time around. Thank you for your assistance once again for these reoccurring issues.

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Have a great day as well!