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Rocioguzman's picture
Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

This is the second time i wrote here for the same reason.BEEN 2 MONTHS THE WORSE 2 MONTHS SINCE I MOVED LAST YEAR. My neighbors upstairs are always pacing around throughout the night. AT 1AM they are walking waking my one year up or me. I don't mind it during the day Its understandable but at night its very annoying. My baby go sleep around 9 and the noises wakes her up at least twice. Ive been living here for over a year. The other neighbors were never like this. The past 2 weeks its been the worse experience with a neighbor since i moved here. Its not a quiet place to live AND SLEEP anymore.. This is really out of control, no peace at my apartment, i have to sleep with earphones, my one year old cannot go to sleep. is so annoying like most of the people i work daytime and i just wanna get home and sleep! Since the NEW NEIGHBORS MOVE IN, SLEEP IS BEEN A CHALLENGE!!!!! If theres nothing you can do at all to stop this people i really just like to cancel my lease and move in to a apartment where i can be in peace and sleep like i did here my first year. Thanks.

StacyKoss's picture
StacyKoss McKinley Employee

Hi Rocio,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday. We will be talking with the upstairs neighbors to get this taken care of. Please keep us updated on this issue like we discussed so we can help further and make sure that you are enjoying your home.

Look forward to hearing from you and I hope you have a wonderful day!