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Feedback Question for The Ponds

So to my understanding we don’t control our heat, but I was told once the temps hit the 40’s it’ll click on. But here it is been in the 40’s the past couple of nights and still no heat. At this point should I invest in space heaters??

letitia.gonzalez's picture
letitia.gonzalez McKinley Employee

Hi, Henreshia

You are correct, once we get in the lower 40's for 3 consecutive nights the heat will be turned on.  We haven't quite gotten to that point yet, however, very soon!  Sadly, because we will miss these beautiful summer days! Please let us know if we can be of anymore assistance. 

Have a beautiful day!  

Tiffani078's picture

Yes invest in space heaters. We have one in each room upstairs.

Tenant07's picture

Yea but it shouldn’t take all that especially if the maintenance team took the time out to fix the problem instead of debating with you and telling you about the boiler system. I have a blood disorder and a 1 yr old running around I can’t keep my ove open to warm my house and buying muiple space heaters is a option but why must I be uncomfortable in my home when maintenance didn’t even attempt to fix my heat. I knew they wasn’t when they showed up without tools. Just came to debate about the boiler

bane2293's picture

When the maintenance man showed up a month ago he said he had to replace one of the heat runs in the apartment but he had to run and get the parts. He never returned and a day or 2 later we received an email stating that the problem was fixed. However it wasn't.

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Smh I hope you reported it and it got fixed. No one should be uncomfortable in they own home