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Feedback Problem for The Ponds

I put a work order in 10/31/18 about these stink bugs coming in through the windows. About a week or so later, Maintenance came and removed the screens but never returned them. I followed up 11/22/18 and I was told they would send someone out to finish it. 12/3/18 I was told that the screens would be put back n the log and handled that day. Here it is 12/5/18 and guess what... Still no screens and as of 9:29 pm, I have killed 3 stink bugs that's gotten through a closed window. Will fox 2 news give me a better result because it shouldn't take over 2 months to replace screens. It's too hot in these units and I can't even open a window without wondering if a bug is flying through my blinds. Enough is enough. Over the past 2 years the maintenance team has gotten worse. And this is just terrible. I'm not even comfortable in my place of residence. Y'all seem to not care because it's not y'all issue!

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Was coming to post the same damn thing. Had one from August and one from November 5th. Smoke detector they don't want you touching been beeping for a month and we have the heat on 90 but it won't go above 70 degrees. We're cold AF. Front door has a big gap in it that I reported last year, making cold air come in and is a safety issue, front window won't lock. My list keeps growing. I've called, I've went up there. Just called several times again, can't get an answer. I tired of this

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They're terrible.