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angelan's picture
Feedback Question for The Parks

I didn't keep a copy of the Pool Rules flyers that were sent out, but to my recollection, there were rules concerning how many kids per adult. Hate to sound like a killjoy, but, geez, over ten kids to two adults is a bit ridiculous (as it was today at the pool). We told the minor with us that no running and jumping in, cannonballing, etc., was allowed -- only to get there and witness nearly a dozen other kids doing such. This happened last summer, but I hoped the more strict policy was going to correct it. Kids want to have fun at the pool - I get that. However, it's not fun for the kids who don't dare go under water for fear of getting kicked in the head by someone wildly jumping in. Could the pool monitor do more than direct little kids out of the deep end? "Use the ladder, or you'll be asked to leave," for instance? Maybe the chlorinated day care hours could cease for a bit, and, say, 6pm-8pm could be 12 or 14 years old and above? Surely, SOMETHING could improve this. Hopefully?

JonWoolum's picture
JonWoolum McKinley Employee

Thank you for your feedback Angela. I am very aware of this incident that occurred at the pool. I have addressed it with our pool staff to make sure we limit the amount of kids per adult in our pool. Our pool attendants are new this year and so with that comes a learning curve. We have a great pool staff this year and they know going forward to make this correction. But I always appreciate the feedback or suggestions on how to make The Parks the best around. The pool will always be open, weather permitting, from 10am to 8pm to all residents of The Parks. Kids must be accompanied by an adult and residents may bring 2-3 guest with them to the pool and must stay with them at the pool. Angela, if you have any questions at all to give me a call at 734-942-0180 or come on in and we can talk. My door is always open! Have a great day