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latanya.mcfadden's picture
Feedback Problem for The Parks

I have been here since 2015 and have not had too many issues. The office staff is always friendly. Maintenance does a good job at responding quickly and taking care of issues. I have noticed that even though the complex has a dog area. There are many people with pets that are just letting their dogs poop anywhere and not getting it up. I have also noticed that they have big pit bulls not on chains either. If you all could look into it.

JonWoolum's picture
JonWoolum McKinley Employee

Good afternoon Latanya, thank you so much for the feed back. Dogs are a huge topic here and rightfully so. We have a breed restriction and we do hold the owners of their pet responsible for cleaning up after them. Now, it is very hard to find a random pile out there and know who it belongs to. When we see it though we will clean it up. But in order for us to correct this or take action we need to know who or where the owner of that dog live. We encourage our residents to call us and tell us when someone doesn't pick up after their dog. We also take breed restriction seriously. I would be happy to sit down with you and go over more of this in person and explain this. I will reach out to you to discuss further. But know my door is always open or you can call me at 734-942-0180 anytime. Thank you