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Feedback Problem for The Parks

I have neighbors who since I moved in has been slamming cabinets doors so lound on their side that is scare my son when he is downstairs in our kitchen. They hit the wall that I share bedrooms with all through the day and night til almost 3 or 4a.m . I work nights so I only have to deal with it mostly on the weekends in which I would try to tune them out with my music and will just stay up to clean since the are so lound to the point I can hear every rude curse word they say during their game playing and conversation. It is a house of males so I dare not to knock on their door. My son is only seven and also hears everything. It has gotten to the point where we just sleep downstairs to avoid hearing it so closely and being annoyed with the random hitting on the walls. My son doesn't make half the noise that come from that unit and now I have reached my limits. Its getting cold and seeing my son sleeping downstairs on the floor because they are the ones who has been rudely immature through all times of the day and early morning is unfair.

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michaeldouglas McKinley Employee

Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns regarding your neighbor. I will reach out  to LPS, The Community Manager and your neighbor to see if we can find a solution to this.

Please continue to utilize LPS  734-891-2088, after hours and if during office hour please contact the leasing office.

Michael Dougla