Dogs and disrespectful owners

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zodiacace's picture
Feedback Problem for The Parks

Can you please put a flyer out to remind dog owners to NOT let their dog poop in other peoples yards AND LEAVE IT THERE??? When I take my dog out I keep her on the sidewalk until we get to the side yard, she is NEVER allowed to potty in anyone else’s yard, yet I keep watching people let their dog pee on my fence on their way by and lately I’ve been finding poop in my backyard as well! People need to be more respectful!

JonWoolum's picture
JonWoolum McKinley Employee

Good afternoon April, thank you so much for the feedback. Yes, We will address the pet waste issue for sure. I noticed that it has become a problem as of late. I do ask that you let us know who it is that is doing this as well because it is a lease violation and a charge for every pile left. If your able to locate the resident who is doing this that would be appreciated. I know it's not always easy to do so. Thank you April!

OABS42331's picture

I am on a corner lot and clean up 3-4 piles a day. Trust me, my one dog does her business once a day (or so) and I clean that up. I have come to realize a good chunk of people that live here don't care about others let along themselves.

cmck's picture

Most of the residents in the units in my courtyard are dog owners. I live by the playscape in the back of the community. I know of one woman who daily lets her dog poop in the grassy area around the playscape and NEVER cleans it up. I can provide her unit number if needed. In walking back and forth to the playscape, there are piles all around it. I can't even let my toddler run in the grass near our unit, for fear that he may step or fall in a pile of dog poop. There are dog owners who let their dogs poop in their yard and don't clean it up. Disgusting, but at least it's in their yard and not in a common area. There needs to be more enforcement of the pet waste policy so that those of us who have dogs and follow them, or those like me who don't own a dog, can enjoy the community to its full extent.