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brooklynalexressler's picture
Feedback Problem for The Parks

I'm not sure what these cement people were doing this morning, but I walk outside to everything in front of my house including my flowers I just planted covered in what I'm assuming is cement dust. I get theyre just doing their job but my flowers are ruined now. I can sweep my sidewalk & patio, but my flowers I just don't know. I'm just sad. :-(

JonWoolum's picture
JonWoolum McKinley Employee

Good morning Brooklyn,

I am very sorry to hear that our contractors did not respect your area. I know the dust from the cement is tough to control but I do apologize for this. I hope you know that this was an accident and that I know the company would never try to disrespect anyone's belongings on purpose. I will make sure going forward that any vendors/contractor that comes to our property respects all residents belongings. If you have any further questions to please reach out to me at 734-942-0180. Thank you and have an amazing day.