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Feedback Problem for The Courtyards

a charge for trash when trying to discuss the issue. staff were very rude and disrespectful

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i want to contact corp.'s picture
andrea.mack@mck... McKinley Employee

Ms. Citchen,

Respectfully, that is not what transpired. Per your request, our Sales Agent was showing you where  in the Resident Handbook it states that you cannot leave trash on your porch. I could hear your chose of words and level of volume from my office located in the back of the Leasing Office. 

When I came up front, you were standing over the Sales desk yelling at the agent while shaking the paper in hand. I tried to calm the situation down; even saying that it is not what you are saying but how you are saying it. I also said, "We can get much further with this if we can address this in a calmer tone."  Unfortunately you otped to continue to yell, now both at the Sales Agent and myself so I requested you leave the office. 

We have a strict policy that no nusiance shall be permitted on the community property and may not interfere with the ability of the employees. Myself and staff are here to assist with your questions, comments and concerns but we are not here to be belittered or yelled at. When you moved in, we had a similar issue with the trash can and this policy was discussed in depth. 

I encourage you to take the evening to collect your thoughts and I am more than willing to have a civil conversation tomorrow if you'd like. Otherwise, you are welcome to call the Regional Office at 734-941-6234.


Andrea Mack

Communtiy Manager