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Zabihullah Shakir Aziz's picture
Feedback Problem for The Courtyards

Dear sir/madam. I am living in courtyard 15800. Recently I received a letter from leasing office saying that I have to pay 350$ due to tub usage before 24h ours of repair. The minute they repairman finished his job he covered it and left. Next day maybe after more than 24h came in and open and removed the everything and found the that tub was not well done. He said the guy didnt do the tub well and they might come again and finish the job. We did not use the tub and it was covered and leasing office personal opened and found it that it was bad. Why should I pay that amount? I came 2 times last week to talk but I was told that manager is not her. Yesterday I called but i didnt good answer. Now I am writing and again we didn't use the tub and was sealed and leasing office personal opened it. Thanks for your time.

ccarroll's picture
ccarroll McKinley Employee

Hello Mr Aziz


I apologize that this issue has gone unresolved.  I will give a call today or you are welcome to stop in to the office and we can discuss the charges in person.  We always want our residents to have a clear understanding of charges placed on their account due to maintenance issues.  I look forward to speaking with you today.



Cindy Partin