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Feedback Problem for The Courtyards

When a person is constantly having to call management and maintenance about the same issue and spraying every week and it’s not working... Giving a person the run around is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. I have been more than patient but I don’t want to live like I can’t move around or use my things cause it’s ants everywhere here and there. Another step needs to take place. Movement or something other than spraying because it’s costing me what I don’t have and I have 3 small kids.'s picture
andrea.mack@mck... McKinley Employee

Dear Ms. Vanover,

I certainly can understand your frustration that these ants have caused and the annoyance that they continue to cause. Rest assure we are taking and implementing all proper steps in order to rid this nusiance from your home. 

 An effective pharaoh ant elimination program is not as 1-3 extermination sprays and/or purchasing a product that targets ants; spraying it around and your work is complete. Pharaoh ants need to be dealt with in a more sophisticated fashion because they are a sophisticated insect; which unfortunately also means full extermination does take time. Pair this with a multifamily building, the time to successfully rid these annoying insects can take longer than it would a single family home. 

Since reported, your home (and surrounding areas/homes) have been treated three times. We have recently switched extermination companies and your home will be treated by a different exterminator tomorrow. 

I apologize again for the headache this is causing but rest assure we are taking all proper steps to remedy this situation as quickly as possible. 

I will reach out to you post the treatment tomorrow.



Andrea Mack

Community Manager