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Feedback Question for The Tower

Hi I was wondering if anyone can explain why the heating bill in the Tower is so ridiculously expensive? I lived in the same unit last year, we never turn our heat above 64 and the bill can get up to $400. Do we have electric heat or is the system just really outdated? I'm just really sick of having to pay so much money to consumers in the winter..

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I have similar experience with you. I always keep the heat lower than 65. My bill is more than 200.

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Yep same issue here. Would be nice to get an update on this today but I didn't receive notice about this bill until 5pm today, conveniently just as the office closed on the day before fees are assessed.

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Austin Richards


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From experience last year, nothing will happen. This is one of the worst parts of living here. It doesn't get better, just wait till you leave for break and you're paying crazy amounts for not being here.. I recommend getting window kits, a/c covers and making sure you always keep doors closed (keeps heat locked in rooms).

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lmaoo it's going to actually kill the tower bc what college student wants to live in a two bedroom apartment with a $400 electric bill :/

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So it turns out my electricity usage more than doubled (450 KWH -> 1200 KWH) once I turned on the heating. For comparison, in my last apartment, my roommate and I used 310 KWH (including heat) in Feb! Either the heating system here is horribly inefficient, or the heating system at my last place was incredibly efficient.

Whatever the case is, do what @trent.mckenzie said if you don't want to be billed $200 for one month's electricity!

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Yeah I've lived here for three years and that was a recurring issue last year. I got fed up last year when my bill was $400 in a one bedroom and told the office. They replaced my thermostat when I put in a work order and my bill cut into like a third of what it was. This year I talked to them when it started to get cold and put up sheeting over my windows and my AC unit, stopped using space heaters, and closed my doors in the apartment and my bill this whole year hasn't gone over $85 and my heat is still on 70. The office is usually pretty helpful when you talk to them but I learned that they can't even see our heating bills so they don't know when it's ridiculously high.

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+1 for the office being helpful

I spoke to them today, and I would recommend speaking with them if you are also having this issue