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Feedback Problem for The Tower

We wanted to reach out about our water bill. It is currently listed at $162, so we're wondering which months it covers, and we'd like a break down for each month. I understand that the change in management has likely changed how this bill is listed, but this value seems quite exorbitant even if it is meant to cover the last few months. At this point, we want to review that information even just for our own records and to get a better understanding of what exactly this covers. Also - is there a way to contact the office privately? I can't find a general email anywhere.

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kayla.potter McKinley Employee

Hi Madison, Thanks so much for reaching out to the office! The water bill is billed per leaseholder, not per apartment. This would be the fairest solution for all residents! A resident who lives in a studio apartment isn't going to use as much water as three residents living in a 3-bedroom apartment would. The bill that was assessed to your account was for August, September, October, and November. The amount was $40.71 per resident, which is what everyone was charged across the board. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a 3-bedroom, everyone was charged the same amount of $40.71 for this water bill. If we break down the $40.71 per month, the average for the water bill is $10.18/resident/month. We understand the $40.71 per resident may seem like a larger amount than usual, however, after breaking down the amount per month, the water bill per resident is actually quite smaller. If you would like to personally contact the office, our new email is and our phone number is 517-351-5199 if you'd like to call us. As always, you are more than welcome to talk to us in the office during business hours! If there is anything else we can do to further assistance you, please just let us know; we are here to help! Have a great day!