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Feedback Problem for The Tower

I'm confused on the additional charges for cable and water when our consumers bill was $300 this month and i was under the impression water was rolled into that? (0% chance our lights racked up a $300 bill) and the cable in my apt isn't even functional and we've been waiting on maintenance for that since we moved in.

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kayla.potter McKinley Employee

Hi Danielle, Thanks for reaching out to the office! Water is billed through Meridian-Township, not Consumer's. Consumer's is just for electricity. Also, your electric bill includes the lights, heat, AC, applicances, etc. Everything in the apartment is electric, therefore, anything that requires electricity will increase your electric bill. We apologize if there was any confusion! If you are experiencing TV/internet problems, please contact LightSpeed as they are our cable/internet provider and will be able to further assist you. Their phone number is 517-325-0491; you can text or call this number for extra convenience! If LightSpped determines that there is a problem on our end, we would be more than happy to investigate the issue and fix it to the best of our ability. As always, please reach out to the office anytime you are having a problem. We are here to help! Thanks!