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Tailgate Party

Announcement for The Tower

Hey Residents!

Right now we've got the MSU football game playing in the club room downstairs. Come and join us and grab some free pizza, breadsticks, brownies, and Domino's coupons! Be sure to ask our renewal specialist, Josh, about your special renewal rate and our new renewal specials that we just rolled out.

Go Green!

- The Campus View Team

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Offices Closed

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Greetings to our valued Tower, Gates and Manor Residents. We appreciate you and hope you are having a wonderful day.

Both the Tower and Gates/Manor offices will be closed from 2pm-4pm on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, so that our teams may attend training. It is our hope to provide you with the best possible service, so please call the office at 517-351-5199 if you have a maintenance emergency.

Thank you for your residency here with us!

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Feedback Question for The Tower

I know that we don’t have to be home for maintenance to enter our apartment for the inspections this week but if we would prefer and feel more comfortable being home when they come is there is there any way we could arrange for that?

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Announcement for The Tower

Hello Tower Residents,

This announcement is to inform you that we will be preforming a preventative maintenance inspection of your apartment starting Monday, 11/12/18, through Friday, 11/16/18, between the hours of 9AM to 6PM. You do not need to be home for this inspection but are welcome to be there if you would like! If you have any questions, please contact the leasing office.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

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Help Us Help You! Save $$!

Announcement for The Tower

Hello Residents,

I wanted to extend a friendly reminder that rent is due by 11:59PM tonight, Monday the 5 th , and the $60 late fee will post tomorrow, Tuesday the 6 th . As always, rent is due on the 1 st of the month and late fees are assessed on the 6 th of the month for any unpaid balances. If you haven’t already, please remit payment by way of your resident portal , or dropping off a personal check, money order, or cashier’s check to the leasing office. If you need help accessing your new resident portal, please contact the office. Our...

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Possible Gas Leak

Feedback Problem for The Tower

So the hallway of 620-630 on the 6th floor has smelled weird for the past week, possibly smells like gas, and it wasn't an issue to me until I woke up at 4 this morning from my dog sneezing continuously to then walk out into my living room and my entire apartment smelled like the hallway. Can someone come check this out because that hallway always smells bad, but this is really bad and my apartment now stinks...

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I live on the third floor and I also have been smelling a strange smell in the hallway. The smell spread into my apartment as well for a few days. The smell seems to be mostly gone now though. I wasn’t sure what the smell was. It might have been a gas leak, but I am not sure.

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meghann.bakken McKinley Employee

Hi Gentlemen! We apologize for the delay in being able to answer this question for you, but we wanted to make sure we had the correct information. The mystery smell was not a gas leak; the smell was caused by the sewer work being done near our community by the Township. This has caused some smells due to the work not allowing normal flow to the sewers. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope the project will be completed in the near future.

Your Friends at Campus View

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Question Regarding Packages

Feedback Question for The Tower

What hours can we be assisted to pick up packages? Do you not assist on Sundays anymore?

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kayla.potter McKinley Employee

Hi Elisavet, Please stop by the leasing office anytime Monday-Friday, 9AM-6PM and Saturday, 10AM-3PM, to pick up your packages! We are now closed on Sunday. Please let us know if there is any other way we can help you! Thanks, The Tower

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Free Food Friday!

Event for The Tower

Hey Tower Residents!

Stop by the Tower leasing office NOW for some free pizza and cookies! Happy Friday everyone!


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Package Notifications

Announcement for The Tower

Hi Residents!

We have had many questions from residents regarding the package notification system. With the new change in management to McKinley we no longer have software that supports the package delivery notification system we used in the past. It will be your responsibility to track your packages through the respective delivery service (post office, FedEx, UPS, etc.).

A few reminders about packages:

Be sure that your accurate address is listed on the package. If the incorrect address is listed on your package, including a missing or incorrect apartment number, your...

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If someone sends us a package that we don’t know about, how are we supposed to be notified that it came?

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I agree with Victoria, I had that same question.

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adriana.burkhart McKinley Employee

Hi Victoria and Emma,

We completely agree that could be an issue. Thank you for your honest feedback. We will be brainstorming some new ways to notify our residents of packages and hope to have a resolution to this soon! 

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Conserving Electricity This Year

Announcement for The Tower

Hi Residents!

My name is Adriana and I am your Leasing and Marketing Manager here at The Tower. I am also a current resident and have been for 2 years! Winter is coming and with that, I know that many of you will be turning up the heat in your apartment. Last year I struggled with high electricity bills when it got cold outside and spoke with the office on how to fix this. Due to their help, I was able to cut my bill down by 2/3rds! We want everyone at The Tower to have an enjoyable, and affordable, living experience and so we wanted to give everyone these tips as well. If you have...