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Feedback Problem for The Gates and Manor

The hallways on 4 are bad. They are dirty, the walls have not been fixed since the day we moved in, it needs to be sanded and painted, with the rent we pay this should not be an issue. The elevators are disgusting, they are filthy, and half the time the lights do not work. I have been told that the hallways would be fixed and cleaned as well as the elevator, it has not been done and we are going on five months. Please confirm that this will be done before returning from break.

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meghann.bakken McKinley Employee

Hi Katie! We agree and have been working to secure a new cleaning service that we hope will be able to start work in January for us. During the break and in January our service team will be working on hallway maintenance at all three of our communities. In the meantime, I have personally been cleaning your elevator once a week. I have not experienced any lights being out, but if you could put in a work order to let us know where those lights need to be replaced, we will get someone right out for it! Thanks for your help and your concerns, enjoy your break.