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Feedback Problem for The Gates and Manor

Hello, I was promised a $500 gift card upon move in and have been trying to receive it since September. Along with other promises that I was not granted, I am hopeful that you guys will actually come through with this. I have the email showing I was promised this gift card and it was part of the reason I signed the lease. It would be much appreciated if you guys could get this done for me. Everyone I talk to says I have to talk to someone else, or that ownership has to approve it, but that doesn’t make sense as others have received theirs and management ran the promo. I was also promised parking at The Peoples Church which I ended up getting Division St garage instead (big difference), and many other problems upon move in. So this would correct a lot of wrongs in my head dealing with The Gates. Thanks.

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meghann.bakken McKinley Employee

Hi John, thanks for reaching out to us. Your gift card has been waiting for you since October, please feel welcome to pick that up during office hours! I believe the last time we spoke I explained that the City did not have any parking left at the People's Church and I got you the next closest available spots they offered. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience to you, but I did the best I could with the spots the City had available. The City dictates what spots they will rent to which businesses, and they do prefer to place our requests at the Division Street lot.