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karthiekn_umich2's picture
Feedback Problem for Traver Crossing

Hi, Ever since the roadwork began, there has been a significant amount of stagnant water in front of buildings 1021-1025. Not sure if this will be rectified once the roadwork is complete. It could lead to an increase in insects and also very slippery conditions in winter. Can you please look into this? Thank you

jordan.shepherd's picture
jordan.shepherd McKinley Employee

Good morning, Karthiek — thank you for your concern on this issue! We are aware of the standing water in front of your building and have plans to have the asphalt company, T & M, fix this. I believe they are waiting for the water to lessen from that area before they can do any work there though, unfortunately. Once that puddle dries up and we have a date scheduled for the fix, we'll be sure to keep everyone updated via my.mckinley. Again, thank you for sharing this concern with us and if there's anything more we can help you out with, let us know! -Jordan Shepherd

karthiekn_umich2's picture

Thank you Jordan

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christine.rinaman McKinley Employee

Hello Karthiek,

Thank you for reaching out regarding this issue. As of yesterday, T&M had made the road repair to that area. This area is also receiving the seal-coat and stripping as well. The area has bee dry for the last few days. We will monitor this area to make sure there are no factors causing this issues. Let us know if there is anything else you may need o have concerns about. Thank you!

Christine Rinaman,

karthiekn_umich2's picture

Thank you Christine. Really appreciate it!