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Feedback Problem for State Street Village

I received a key in my mailbox to package box #2 to retrieve a package delivered to me. I have double checked that I am unlocking the correct box several times and have attempted many times to open the package box without success (the lock won't spin to the open position). I am unsure if the lock is frozen, needs WD40, or if the package is somehow up against the lock prohibiting it from spinning. I have the key to the package box in my apartment, any guidance would be helpful, I am not sure if you can help me or if i need to contact the US Postal Service.

Melissa_Renwick's picture
Melissa_Renwick McKinley Employee

Thank you for taking the time to pose this question on my.mckinley. I am sorry to hear you experiencing this issue, I can only imagine how frustrating it is! Unfortunately, the USPS services the postal boxes and deals with all issues concerning it. I have contacted the USPS on your behalf to submit a work order....I will keep you posted!