The Trash Dumpster Closest To Bldg 2032 Need Some Fixing

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bill-bryson's picture
Feedback Problem for Park Place

I took the trash out today and noticed that the gates to the enclosure were open so I tried closing them but it seems that the right gate won't close all the way. Upon inspection it became apparent that the right gate is somehow bent downward from right to left, and is cockeyed to such an extent that it won't close all the way. Also, the latches on the gates that slide down into the holes in the ground have had a couple of their screws ripped out of the wood such that the latch assemblies are dangling. I assume this happened from the latches being dragged across the pavement as the gates were opened and closed. You might consider switching out the wood screws for bolts that go all the way through the doors.

DavidLeber's picture
DavidLeber McKinley Employee

Hi Bill!

We are on it! As soon as you posted this we sent a couple of our team members to get the dumpster door addressed. If they aren’t done already, they will be soon!

We appreciate your message and bringing this to our attention! Have a great day. 

David Leber
Community Manager