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Announcement for Medical Center Court

Gallery Project presents Imaging the Future, a multimedia exhibit in 26 artists, architects, engineers, scientists, and fashion designers attempt to visualize what life in the future will be like.  The exhibit, which opens on Wednesday, May 5 and runs through Sunday, June 13, is the first of Gallery Project’s new cycle of exhibits. The opening reception is Friday, May 7 from 6-9.Questions about the future abound: “What is going to happen to my town, to Michigan, to my country, my world?  What’s ahead for the environment, global warming, the energy crisis, and green technology? What’s next for Wall Street, Main Street, the housing market, the world financial system, my job? How will technological advances impact communication, transportation, housing, food, clothing, weaponry, play, and identity? Will we have colonies in space or on distant planets and moons, and will we be encouraged to travel there? What will become of our species and other species as we evolve? Depending on one’s vision and vantage point, such questions may activate anxiety, fear, cynicism and dark visions.  Or they may mobilize a sense of hope and promise, idealism and utopian imaginings.   This exhibition challenges each artist to pose a question about the future and to image a response.
Further Event Information
May. 05, 2010 - Jun. 13, 2010 During gallery hours
Cost: TBA Address: 215 South Fourth Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI, 48104 Phone: (734) 997-7012 Email: For more info, visit website