LOST KITTEN - black, white paws & tummy, last seen on Wed June 5 near unit # 1704

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Courtney Kistler's picture
Feedback Problem for Meadowbrook Village

Hi everyone, Unfortunately our kitten, Pipa, escaped again. This is the same little black & white cat you may have seen signs for in June. Please call 419-261-0223 if you see her. Thank you. -Courtney

gemma.adigun's picture
gemma.adigun McKinley Employee

Hi, Courtney! We are sorry to hear of Pipa's escape - she is quite the Houdini! We will all keep our eyes peeled at the office for any sign of her. 

rprem_06@yahoo.co.in's picture

We saw a cat near building 17 car parking. Please check

Courtney Kistler's picture
Courtney Kistler

She's still missing. Please text if you see a black and white small cat. Thank you.

Courtney Kistler's picture
Courtney Kistler

Found! We were able to get her in the trap after several attempts and one almost-trap last night and this morning. Thanks everyone for caring and keeping an eye out. Getting a baby gate now!