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Dorabella's picture
Feedback Question for Manchester West

Hi Manchester West, I'm curious whether any landscaping work will be done in the very wet areas of our grounds? For example, the "moat" between 1922 and its' neighbor and the parking lot is often a narrow swamp or even puddle. Weeks ago, a lot of clay was dumped under the bridge to the entrance of 1922's neighbor, but nothing else has been done to it. And on the path to the tennis courts, there are two big slabs of concrete of that have been inundated and are now growing slimy stuff. You can't sidestep, either, because the grass is very wet/muddy. I had offered to help plan raingardens (last year), but have not heard back since then. Also - and I'd like to emphasize that I'm just curious, not complaining - because I'm a hobby landscaper / gardener: will any of the vines (wild grape and Virginia Creeper mainly) that are choking many trees on the grounds be removed? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks and best regards.

DavidLeber's picture
DavidLeber McKinley Employee

Hello Dora-Maria,

Thank you for mentioning these two items of concern.  The landscaping at the front of building 1922 will be repaired very soon.  The area has been so saturated until recently, it has been challenging to get the equipment in to do this work.  Regarding the flooding near the tennis court, I am working to create a solution to this problem and have it on my radar.  We will get it taken care of!

Again, I appreciate you bringing these items to our attention!  If there is anything more you notice, please don't hesitate to reach out.


David Leber
Community Manager