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nmilety's picture
Feedback Question for Manchester Flats

Its a shame that we barely have enough parking, not to mention the yoga studio visitors that always find their way into our parking spaces. But now, the Norman Pl parking, the lot with arguably the highest utility, most traffic, is used as storage (for a motorcycle). The cherry on top: the moped that takes an entire parking space. We barely have enough parking as it is. The parking spaces, designed for a standard sized car, are underutilized by these smaller vehicles/motorcycle storage units. Is there anyway we could designate parking for those small-mobiles and storage spaces so that we can reclaim parking spaces for cars that actually move in and out regularly? My car doesnt fit in the smaller spaces near the maintenance building but a motorcycle/scooter can.

DavidLeber's picture
DavidLeber McKinley Employee

Hi Nathan,

Thank you for touching base regarding the parking situation.  It is my hope that the smaller parking spaces will be utilized by the smaller vehicles, including the motorcycles/mopeds.  However, I realize this is not always the case.  I believe your idea of creating designated "2-wheel parking" is a great thought and I plan to look into this further.  Your post has also re-inforced our need to do spot checks for vehicles with no parking passes, which we generally do on a regular basis.  However, there is always room for improvement and we will make it a focus.

Thanks again for touching base and offering your thoughts and suggestions, they are genuinely appreciated!


David Leber
Community Manager