Pet charge on my rent account that should be taken off

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Feedback Problem for Glencoe Oaks

We had roommates with pets that moved out in June of 2016. I notified the office that they were leaving (as were the pets), but we were still charged a pro-rated $4.84 pet fee for the month of July (1st - 7th). I called and was told in June that the charge would be taken off and to go ahead and pay the rent charges minus the $4.84. One month and several phone calls later the fee is still on our account. This is getting ridiculous.

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keith.harden McKinley Employee

Good Morning Michelle,

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused by the pet fee still showing up. I will ask Haleigh, our Customer Service Manager, to check to see why the pet fee is still showing up on your bill and to let you know when it is removed. If you have any other concerns or suggestions, please let me know.

Thank you,

Keith Harden Jr.

Community Manager

Glencoe Hills

Phone: (734) 971-5455