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michellev837's picture
Feedback Problem for Glencoe Oaks

Our dishwasher broke over and over again last year. At one point, we had a non functioning dishwasher for nearly 3 weeks while we waited for someone to fix it. Recently, the same exact problems began occurring again, and we were told by a maintenance worker in June that we needed a new dishwasher all together. 1 week later we called to check on the status of our new dishwasher and were told it would be in soon. A week after that we called and were told the notice was never put in in the first place, despite what we had been told the week before. I called last week and was told it would be in by Friday. It's now been nearly a month and we still have a non functional dishwasher with standing water in it from several weeks ago. This needs to be taken care of, like, yesterday.

keith.harden's picture
keith.harden McKinley Employee

Good Evening Michelle,


I apologize for us not being able to install your dishwasher last week as we had planned. We have no forgotten about you and we will try to have the dishwasher installed as soon as possible. Once I have a better idea of when we can have this taken care of for you, I will be sure to update you on the install date. If you have any questions regarding your work order and the status of the repairs, please feel free to reach out to me.


Thank you,

Keith Harden Jr.

Community Manager

Glencoe Hills

Phone: (734) 971-5455