Hope somebody can resolve my issues ASAP !!!

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Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

I moved into Glencoe hills (2268) on 05/23, collected the key just before 6 PM. The leasing office works between 10 to 6 and since my office hours don't let me reach home in that duration, the move in checklist was returned on Saturday (06/01). I listed two issues in that, the tub faucet was shaky and the intercom was not working, the lock outside seemed to be broken. My neighbor upstairs told me that she already raised a complaint about the intercom and nobody turned up. I was not very concerned about both the issues, in fact, I told the official the same. When I returned the checklist, the official went inside to collect the mailbox key, she returned and told that it will take time as the key has to be cut. I moved into Glencoe because of my first job and my first paycheck came in the mail. I told that paycheck is in the mail and I will wait until the key is cut. After a while she told there is no one there to cut the key, maintenance staff will fix the problems on Monday and I can collect the key on Monday. Today I went to collect the key and they said that the maintenance has to give some approval and then only they can give me the key. I reiterated the fact about my paycheck but they didn't listen. I returned to the house, noticed that the intercom lock is in the same condition. Inside the home, maintenance left a note that everything is fixed, but when I checked it is exactly at the same condition. So what should I do, accept that everything is in order so that I can access the mailbox and get my paycheck? Is the cordial attitude only till the lease is signed? If the attitude is like this in the first week of move in, I am a bit worried about the rest of the lease term here !!

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CharlotteJooste McKinley Employee

Jashita,  I am so sorry about this negative experience.  I hope you received my email.   I will also follow up with Chuck, our maintenance supervisor to find out why the keys were not ready as well on the progress of the rest of the items.

I look forward to hear from you.



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Hi Charlotte, I did not receive any emails, could you please check if you send it to the right email address, Thanks.