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Evergreen6261's picture
Feedback Question for Evergreen

I have noticed there are several electric cars in the complex, myself included, and wondering if Evergreen/McKinley can consider adding a Chargepoint Station in the complex or making a regular outdoor wall/lightpost outlet available?? Many of the newer complexes around town are adding these. Some of us are able to charge partially at work and when in downtown parking garages, but would be great if we could charge fully while at home. A Chargepoint or Clipper Creek station near the mailboxes/leasing office would be great, or if not an actual station, if there is a regular 120v outside outlet anywhere on the grounds we can plug into? Chargepoint does have a nice system for apartment complexes where those of us who charge pay via the app for the electricity/construction/maintenance of the device here: https://www.chargepoint.com/solutions/apartments/

cfrost's picture
cfrost McKinley Employee

Hello Evergreen6261,


Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us!  We are so glad that you've made this recommendation and would like to explore this concept futher.   We appreciate your contribution to this discussion and look forward to your continued feedback!


Courtney Frost

Community Manager