Altercation between residents and non-residents in building #14

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Feedback Problem for Evergreen

Sometime around 8pm, on October 9th, I heard a source of loud, sustained screaming coming from outside my apartment, when I opened the door and stepped into the halway, I couldn't tell what all had happened, or who was involved up until that point, but it was clear that there was some type of an altercation ongoing within the building. I then returned to my apartment, got my cell phone, and called 911. There was so much yelling and carrying on that I twice had to return to the inside of my apartment to be able to hear the police dispatcher. Then there was a crowd of non-residents that came out of the central corridor and went up the stairs to the SE door, which took them past my apartment. Over the next 30 minutes I was threatened by three of the non-residents, and assaulted by one of them. When the police arrived, the assailant lied to the police about her name before they took her away in handcuffs. I fully intend to press charges, and it is my hope that the McKinley properties act swiftly in this matter to set to the safety of the residents of our community. Right now, I am at an all time low with respect to my love of this otherwise quite and safe apartment community. Had it not been for the actions of two of my fellow residents, who got between the non-residents and myself, things could, and undoubtedly would, have gotten much uglier than they did.

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bmitchell McKinley Employee

Good Morning, 

Thank you for reaching out and letting me know what happened in your building. I recently have attempted to reach out to you so we can touch base further on this matter. If you can give me a callback or send me an email at your convenience I would really appreciate it. 


Brittany Mitchell

Assistant Community Manager

Phone: 734-971-2132