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How is it possible for 2 people in town home to have 103 on utility..? Seems way too high. Merry Christmas!

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CodyChambers McKinley Employee

Good Afternoon Kirk!

Thank you for utilizing My.McKinley to make us aware of the concerns you have regarding your utility bill.  I have completed a review of your account and did not find any discrepancies.  Our community uses a billing system that evaluates the water consumption of the community.  Water usage is then divided by building. In order to calculate your utility bill, your monthly charge is determined by the square footage of your apartment home multiplied by the number of occupants residing in your apartment home. For example, a one-bedroom apartment home with one occupant will pay less than a two bedroom apartment home with two occupants. etc.  In addition to the water and sewer charges which vary month over month, there are additional fees such a trash fee, administrative fee and water base fee.

I hope this helps you understand why your utility bill varies.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me and I would more than happy to assist you.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Cody Chambers

McKinley, Inc.