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I was about to go out and that’s when I found out that someone broke into my car. Nothing was stolen expect from my rosary beads. Even though nothing valuable was stolen, my car was a mass when I found it. They emptied my glove box and etc. There’s no damage to my vehicle, however I don’t feel safe after after knowing that someone I dont know sat in my car and sneaking around for valuables stuff. I really hope The Court increase the security for the safety of everyone. I don’t want this happen to anyone.'s picture
Lea.nichols@mck... McKinley Employee

Good Morning Omeh,


I appologize that your car was broken into. We appreciate the feedback to increase neighborhood watch throught the community. I am glad that nothing of value was taken and sincerely apologize that your rosary were taken. I understand the feeling that your car had someone in it looking for valubles. I would reccommend never having anything if value showing or leaving your car unlocked to ensure safety throught the community. I will notify our security team to watch your location and increase around the community as a whole. We appreciate the feedback and any advise to prevent this in the future. We hope you have a great day and please let me know if there is anything else I can asisst you with. 



Lea Nichols