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So many issues!!!! URGH!!!!! BEFORE YOU MOVE! Even if you pay money up front to reserve an apartment, they may give you a different apartment- they won't tell you until very late. They did that twice to me. They said they forgot to tell me that it may happen. I had an old dog and I explicitly told them that I didn't want stairs because my dog couldn't climb them. The only apt available had stairs, I had to put her bed downstairs. She hated it. The worst part is that she died in December- thinking probably that I loved her less. BILLING PROBLEMS. Lots of billing problems, of course overbilling! They said that it was confusion due to the changes- What if I didn't have accounting experience? INSPECTIONS & MAINTENANCE. Random owner "inspections", (they've come at least 4 times in 6 months) which frankly I don't know what they are for because my kitchen has flooded 4 times in the 6 months I'm here. Plus 2 "community" flooding- main pipes breaking. During the last time the kitchen flooded they left two huge fans and all lights on for 7 days - who gets to pay the bill? me! who gets to pay the extra water bill? duh- me! Nobody bother to let me know that my first floor was not going to be functional- no kitchen, no laundry, no dining room or living room. When I complained, they told me that the contractors were supposed to fix it and have it ready. They didn't. So I paid the rent for an apartment that was NOT FUNCTIONAL! PARKING SPACE PROBLEMS. UNBELIEVABLE but true, if you come after 9pm you will have to park blocks away from your apartment. When I complained, they told me to report it (? wasn't I doing that?) SAFETY CONCERNS- In November, a guy was killed a couple of blocks away in his apartment. and in December I heard 5 shots and some commotion on the street- WTH! no police... The next day I get a call from the office "checking" how I'm doing, I tell them about my safety concerns and they tell me that I need to call the police. So, in summary, lots of PAPERWORK and headaches, lots of things that you need to waste your time in- LOTS OF EXCUSES and LACK OF HELP! and I don't know if I'm the only one who cares about this but the courts does not provide RECYCLING BINS!!! YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO PUT YOUR STUFF TOGETHER THE COURTS. YOU HAVE LOTS OF FRUSTRATED RESIDENTS!!! And frustrated residents, if you're not heard, please take your complaints to social media!!! THANKS!

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Good Morning,

I apologize for all of the issues that you have experienced here at The Courts. I will be in contact soon to learn more about your concerns and to see how I can be of assistance. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,

Keith R. Harden Jr.