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Thank you to the staff that has stuck in there. Thank you Cordell for being that voice of reason and always hearing my issues/ complaints. And shout out to you for following up with Terminex! While there are a few issues still I wish could be dealt with, I am finally comfortable in my home.

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heidi.galey McKinley Employee


Thank you for taking the time to share this positive feedback with our team!  While we strive to deliver excellent service every day, I understand that there have been timese when we have fallen short.  

As a valued neighbor, we want you to know that your voice is heard!  Our team is committed to providng you with a great backdrop to call home.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work together to make daily improvements.

We look forward to working through these remaining items for you and are glad to know that you are happy and comfortable in your apartment home!

Again, thank you and have a great evening!


Heidi Galey

McKinley Management Team (317) 872-3737