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I planned a move to Carmel Woods from Chicago. The day I got my keys, I entered my new apartment and it reaked of cigarette smoke. Both my friend and I could smell it. Eventhough, I may just be sensitive to these smells, the Carmel Woods office more than compensated for my disappointment. They bought me a night in a nearby hotel, had the carpet deep cleaned, and ran an ozone machine throughout the night. Unfortunately, the smell did not dissipate, and they took care of me by moving me to another apartment the morning before I worked!! They were with me the entire process and made sure I felt completely comfortable. My gratitude goes out to the entire Carmel Woods staff. If you are thinking about moving to Carmel, you will most definitely be taken care of.

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heidi.galey McKinley Employee

Thank you for sharing this note of praise for the team!  

We are happy to have you as a valued neighbor of Carmel Woods and hope that you continue to enjoy exceptional service throughout your stay!


Heidi Galey 

McKinley Management Team

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