Serena Winter Park

Serena Winter Park Apartments
2890 Red Lion Square
Winter Park, Florida, 32792

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Lights out of Apartments

Feedback Problem for Serena Winter Park

The lights to the apartments outside of 2803 and that stretch are dark/out. I left for work @ 6:30am it was visibly dark. Not sure if they cut off or on timer?

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Announcement for Serena Winter Park

Dear Residents,

We have recieved a few inquiries regarding our towing. Please be aware that we do tow here at Serena Winter Park in order to ensure you, our resident, has sufficient parking in front of your apartment. Please be aware if you do not have the parking decal on your vehicle you will be towed. If you are in need of this decal please feel free to visit the leasing office Monday-Friday between 10a-6p. Please also have your guests utilize the visitor parking spaces or visit the office to request a visitors hang-tag so that we can prevent them from being towed. If you have...'s picture

Playground Fence Repair Complete

Announcement for Serena Winter Park

Dear Serena Residents,

This afternoon our vendors arrived to complete the necessary repairs to our playground fence. The amenity space is now available for use! Thank you for your patience as we awaited the delivery of the replacement fencing.

Please enjoy,

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Smoke Free Policy

Announcement for Serena Winter Park

Dear Residents,

As a reminder, Serena is a smoke free community. The smoke-free policy covers all individual apartments, common areas, and outdoor areas (including balconies and patios). All residents as well as their guests, employees, and vendors are required to follow this policy. It has been recently brought up to our attention that this policy is not being exercised by some residents in our community. Do understand that smoking anywhere on property is a direct violation of your lease, which could lead to the immediate termination of your rental contract.

We appreciate...

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Water Will Be Off

Announcement for Serena Winter Park

Dear Serena Residents,

Due to a plumbing issue the water to all the apartments between 2801 and 2824 will be temporarily shut off. We do apologize for any inconvience and plan to have the water back on to these apartments very shortly.

For any assistance please contact the leasing office at 407-628-8400.

Thank you,

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james.matta@mck... McKinley Employee

Thank you everyone for your patience. As of 5:00 PM, the repairs are complete, and the water has been restored. We appreciate your understanding.


Enjoy your evening,

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Playground Fence Repair

Announcement for Serena Winter Park

Hello Serena Residents,

I wanted to provide a quick update on the playground fencing repair. I am happy to report that the new fencing is out for delivery and should be arriving by Tuesday, January 7th. Once the fencing arrives, our third-party vendors are on-call to quickly come out to repair the damaged areas, opening the playground back up for use, once complete. We are very excited for this to occur and want to thank you all for your patience.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office at (407) 628-8400.

Have a great weekend!...

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Announcement for Serena Winter Park

Good Moring Serena Residents,

We hope that you had a wondeful New Year!

That time of the month has come and rent is now due. As per your lease agreement, all rents are due in full on the 1st of every month no later than the 2nd by 5:00pm. Late fees will be posted no later 9:00am on the 3rd of every month. After any late fees are posted we are unable to waive or reverse any posted fees. Any rental payment not received in full by 5:00pm on the 2nd of the month will result in a late fee. We do offer online payments as a preferred method of payment. This is to avoid any...'s picture


Feedback Question for Serena Winter Park

Does this apartment complex offer recycling? If so where is it located?'s picture
james.matta@mck... McKinley Employee

Hi Anthony,

Happy New Year! Currently, Serena Winter Park does not have a dedicated recycling area. We are always looking at future ways to incorporate recycling into our community and will keep you updated on any upcoming changes.

All the very best,

James Matta | Community Manager 

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Serena Holiday Office Hours

Announcement for Serena Winter Park

Good Afternoon Serena Residents,

We hope everyone is having an awesome start to the week so far! As the holiday approaches, this is a friendly reminder of the office hours coming up:

Tuesday December 31st-CLOSED

Wednesday January 1st-CLOSED

Please keep in mind your rent payment is due on January 1st 2020 as...

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Announcement for Serena Winter Park

Hello Serena Residents:

We just wanted to make you all aware we will resume our regular towing schedule today December 26th, 2019. If you do not have the correct parking permit for you vehicle you will need to come to the office to get one. Also, if you do not have this decal displayed properly in your windshield you will get towed. Please remind your guests to park in visitor parking. If you have any questions please contact...