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Cherieb1025's picture

Ridiculous water bill

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

Please explain how since 1 June my water bill has increased by $20.90? I don't drink the water, I might run the dishwasher once a week if I'm lucky, my toilet doesn't also have enough water in it, I wash two loads of laundry a week at the most and I take very quick showers. I live alone, the apartments on the other side of the building are empty and the apartment above has tenants. This is the biggest rip off...

Chantell.king's picture

I have noticed this too. Also with my light bull. I've lived here for 6 years and my average light bill has always been $130. I moved to a new unit in September then they started construction and my light bill has. Even ranging from $200- $290, even when my son was gone for the summer and I was doing a lot of traveling. I'm wondering if the sprinklers and construction is plugging in to our utilities, driving up costs.

Caraballodavid's picture

I noticed a $35 increase in my water as well. I fully believe that our water and light is going up because of construction and the sprinklers constantly being on! Even when it rains.'s picture

My water bill is ridiculous as well. It went up $15 this month, $15 the month before. Only 2 people live in my home theres NO WAY my water bill is $150.00. There has been an ongoing leak on the outside of our building and now the sprinklers. This is ridiculous

Jason.Grooms's picture
Jason.Grooms McKinley Employee

Thank you all for speaking with me this evening about your water and sewer bill. We will continue to monitor the monthly statement each month for you and will assist with any questions that you might have. I am here to assist you and provide explanation when it is needed. If you need anything else, please reach out to the leasing office at 407-519-9399 or by email at and we will be more than happy to help.

Enjoy the rest of your night and thank you for being residents of Sapphire Winter Park.


Jason Grooms

Sapphire Winter Park

Assistant Community Manager

yaitzae1's picture

Question on this... While you monitor and review, tenants have to make ends meet because the bill still needs to be paid. All the buildings around me have water dripping/leaking all day and I'm sir that's adding to the building water usage. Workers that are staying in the empty apartments, also adding to it. Are they paying for their usage? I suggest maintenance goes around the buildings and makes sure all water lines/pipes on the outside are not leaking.

Kimmrojas's picture


Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

I just wanna say Mohammad, is such an amazing worker! Always does the job right's picture
maura.boschetti... McKinley Employee

Hi Kimberly, 

Thank you so much for providing us feedback regarding Mohammed. He is a great part of the Mckinley team and we are pleased that he provided you with outstanding service. I will make sure to share this feedback with the team.

Please let us know if there is anything else that you may need and hope you have a great weekend! 


Maura Boschetti 

Community Manager 

JACK MCHUGH's picture

garbage disposal

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

the garbage disposal in my apartment has not been working for an week. I am in building 1779 apt 101. Thank you!'s picture
maura.boschetti... McKinley Employee


Thank you very much for reaching out to us with your concerns. I am very sorry that you are experiencing issues with your garbage disposal.

I will have Javier stop by and complete the necessary repairs to have this issues resolved as quickly as possible.

Hope you have a great day! 



Marleyb's picture

You need to get it together! Fix the problems now

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

Pest control has been at my house more than three times!!! I don’t even have furniture in my apartment yet and there are endless roaches/huge water bugs. I’m not paying $1700 worth of rent when this is miserable to live in. I am traumatized by all the water bugs, they come out and fly. I have killed 2 water bugs every single day. It’s not comfortable at all living here. The ice is CONTAMINATED! I don’t know what’s wrong with the water but the ice taste like chemicals. I’m barely home and my light bill comes so high as if I’m paying for all the lighting outside. There were no lights provided...

Marleyb's picture

Or let me end the lease**

joycerodriguez's picture

yesssssssss i have never tasted such a nasty ice in my life! like wtf. i thought it was my refrigerator but i see now. im not the only one

Carmen M Hamer's picture

Concerned Tenant

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

I live in 1821, #101. Apparently, there is a problem with the plumbing. First, the front toilet was not flushing. That was fixed. Next, the toilet in the master bathroom stopped flushing. I bought a plunger, which helped, but it did not resolve the problem. This morning, I noticed that the tub had dirty water in it. In a response to an earlier inquiry, I noted that the tub was draining slow, and I also mentioned about the bubbling noises that we were hearing when you flush the toilet. I moved into this apartment on August 9, 2019. Since the beginning, I have had one problem or another with...

jarrensosa's picture

Wish we could’ve all warned you

Marleyb's picture

Yes I would never recommend this place to anybody, they trick you and the conditions are terrible.'s picture
maura.boschetti... McKinley Employee


Thank you for reaching out to us with your concerns. I am very sorry that you are experiencing these plumbing issues. I have personally contacted the plumbing company responsible for the recent re-piping in your building and they're on there way to inspect and complete the necessary repairs. 

I tried contacting you twice this morning but unfortunately the call was not going through. I will follow up with you just as soon as I have more information regarding their findings. 

Hope you have a great day! 


Maura's picture

Pet Care Reminder

Announcement for Sapphire Winter Park

Dear Sapphire Residents,

We are proud to be a pet-friendly community that offers a clean and comfortable living environment for everyone, including their pets, to call home. After all, we understand that sometimes your pets feel like part of the family. Close to 40% of our residents have pets, including dogs. To maintain the beauty and cleanliness of our community we have pet waste stations stocked with bags located throughout our community. For those of you that consistently clean up after your pet, thank you. On behalf of your Sapphire Winter Park Apartments neighbors and staff,...

Katie135's picture

Maybe if all your new pet waste stations had bags in them more people could pick up after their dogs!

Jason.Grooms's picture

Sapphire Trash Removal Reminder

Announcement for Sapphire Winter Park

Dear Residents:

We would like to thank all residents who help keep Sapphire Winter Park a beautiful place to live. As we continue to make improvements throughout our community, I would like to send a reminder of our rules and regulations regarding dumpster and trash due to the increasing amount of improper trash disposal around the property.

1.Trash should be securely bagged and placed in the dumpster areas located throughout the community.

2. Boxes of all sizes must be broken down and placed inside the dumpster.

3. Large items (furniture, appliances,...

Ruth Moore's picture

Laundry Room ONE Washing Machines (all three) are not working

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

I sent the following email to Jeremy and Stephanie, and it was returned (for Jeremy). So, just to be sure you get the message, here's what I sent: SUBJECT: Laundry Room ONE Washers (all three) are not working Well, the subject line says it all, lol. I kept checking my Washlava app for several hours, and it continued to say all three washers were “busy”. So, I walked down to LR1, and all three washers had blinking yellow lights. By that time it was pretty late, so I’ll have to do laundry after work tomorrow, at #1 if it’s fixed, if not, at one of the others. In the meantime, I’ll be doing...

Jason.Grooms's picture
Jason.Grooms McKinley Employee

Thank you for speaking with me this evening about the issues with the laundry center. We will be looking at the machines again to determine why they keep getting knocked offline. We do have contact information that if you are running into issues with the systems in any laundry center, please call the company below and report the issues. There are representatives at wash lava that will help in the event that the office is not open.

Contact Information:



You can call or text the number above and someone will be able to assist. As always you can reach anyone in the leasing office at 407-519-9399 to help with any issues as well. Thank you for your continued support and for being a resident of Sapphire Winter Park.

Jason Grooms

Assistant Community Manager

Sapphire Winter Park

Justinsancho's picture

Roof is still leaking!

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

It's going on two weeks now, I've called about 5 times and have submitted 4 different work orders and my ceiling in the living room is leaking. It's getting worse and you guys still haven't fixed the leak. I'm over this it's sad that I care about the property more than you..... just know if the ceiling collapses in it's not going to be good for you guys! It's very unsafe and I would really like for my property not to get this point I'm about to call a different roofing company so they can do the job correctly. This is ridiculous I...

Jason.Grooms's picture
Jason.Grooms McKinley Employee

Thank you for speaking with me this evening about the issue that you have been experiencing in your apartment. I know that you informed me that maintenance and roof workers were there today, but continue to keep us informed in the event that something occurs with your roof this evening.

We are here to assist you at anytime, so please reach out to us and let us know what you need. Our number here is 407-519-9399 of by email at

Thank you for being a resident of Sapphire Winter Park. Enjoy the rest of your night.

Jason.Grooms's picture

Sapphire Rent Payments Due Today. Plan Accordingly.

Announcement for Sapphire Winter Park

Good Evening Sapphire Residents,

I wanted to remind all residents that your August Rent Payments are now Due. The Sapphire Winter Park Leasing Office has re-located to 1699 North Semoran Circle which faces Howell Branch Road. Please prepare all payments as they are still due by your respective lease dates regardless of the pending weekend.

Please remember that we are no longer accepting any payments in the leasing office effective August 1, 2019.

Our goal is to streamline all payments to be made online and easy to handled for residents.

Residents need to...