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Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

Since last month, many questions were posted regarding our bills for w/s/g and we were told that it would be added to our account on this month's rent. It is the final date to pay rent, and there's still no additional charges other than base rent, and my covered parking. It's impossible to plan a budget if our bills aren't being stated. Additionally, if another month is expected, will we be double charged next month, or will we be charged double upon move-out? I wish we could all get a single explanation, rather than voicemails to those who ask. It seems like a more fair way to distribute information that is important to all residents, not just those who ask.

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Jason.Grooms McKinley Employee

Good Evening,

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to see when would be a good time tomorrow to reach out to you and see how I can address any questions that you have in regard to the Water, waste/sewer and trash not appearing on your statement.

If you would let me know the best time to reach out to you, I will make sure to call you and discuss the reason you have not seen the billing on your rent statement. We can be reached in the Sapphire Leasing office at 407-519-9399 or by email at jason.grooms@mckinley.com.

I look forward to speaking with you and hope I am able to give you a better understanding of how the billing cycle will work for your utilities of water, waste/sewer and trash.

I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your night.


Jason Grooms

Assistant Community Manager

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Jason, as I had stated in the original posting, I believe everyone would benefit from a solid answer that anyone can access. I have a schedule that leaves me unable to speak over the phone during the day. I would appreciate a general answer that will give me an estimate as to when will see this bill and how many months worth I will be paying for, so that I may budget accordingly, rather than waiting on the edge for a bill that has been ambiguous since the change of management.