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Sapphire Winter Park Apartments
1743 Semoran North Circle
Winter Park, Florida, 32792

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Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

Pest control has been at my house more than three times!!! I don’t even have furniture in my apartment yet and there are endless roaches/huge water bugs. I’m not paying $1700 worth of rent when this is miserable to live in. I am traumatized by all the water bugs, they come out and fly. I have killed 2 water bugs every single day. It’s not comfortable at all living here. The ice is CONTAMINATED! I don’t know what’s wrong with the water but the ice taste like chemicals. I’m barely home and my light bill comes so high as if I’m paying for all the lighting outside. There were no lights provided in the rooms only the kitchen and bathrooms. So I just do not see how my light bill is over $250, it doesn’t make sense. I’ve contacted you guys more than once, you don’t return my emails and I shouldn’t have to take time out my busy schedule to pay you guys a visit in person just for you guys to do your job correctly. I’ve been here since May and the problems never been fixed. Can’t even buy furniture until all the bugs are out. So fix these problems and let me end this lease because this is ridiculous how you expect people to pay so much for no quality.

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Or let me end the lease**

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yesssssssss i have never tasted such a nasty ice in my life! like wtf. i thought it was my refrigerator but i see now. im not the only one