Sapphire Winter Park Apartments
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Winter Park, Florida, 32792

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Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

Since the renovations have started here, the company completing the work has been extremely sloppy. They have been leaving trash and supplies on my porch, leaving nails in the road, blocking traffic through the neighborhood for hours on end, and parking in designated handicap parking spaces. Residents are expected to uphold certain standards that the companies doing these renovations have continued to do after multiple complaints. I have a tire that has had a hole in it from nails and screws left behind, and have not heard anything back from the complex since the 10th (10 days prior to this review). I do not want to pay to live in an apartment complex that continues to get messier by the day, and have my vehicles towed for reasons that these companies are not being held to.

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Make that 11 days and 3 direct e-mails to Maura Boschetti, the actual property manager whom I have been in contact with up until she has refused to respond to any further e-mails from me.