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Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

So, I came from work to find the hot mess that's happening with the changing windows process. We were informed everything was supposed to be left in the exact same way it was found. Definitely not the case (I have pictures!). As I'm putting back all my stuff in order I noticed the cup that holds my vape pen was under my bed. Usually kept on my nightstand, everything else on the nightstand was in the same order I left it this morning. It was odd that just that cup rolled under the bed, everything was moved and my vape pen is nowhere to be found. How are we supposed to fix this?

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Jason.Grooms McKinley Employee

Good Morning,

I wanted to apologize that when you came home last evening that you found your home not in order. Your apartment home should have been returned to the way it was found prior to the work being completed in your home. We will be speaking with with the work crew that was in your home yesterday to address the concerns you have outlined for us. We will be contacting you this morning to discuss your personal belongings as well once we speak with the individuals were in your home yesterday.

Please let us know if there is anything else that you need and we will be able to assist you. We can be reached at 407-519-9399 or by email at sapphire@mckinley.com.

Jason Grooms

Assistant Community Manager

Sapphire Winter Park Apartment Homes