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Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

I have been trying to get in contact with Jason Grooms, but he has been unreachable. Here are the cumulative emails I sent him. On April 14, my vehicle was towed from a spot near my building. I attempted to reach the leasing office, however the vehicle was towed after hours. I reached out through the maintenance line and was given no additional information, however I was given the updated name and phone number of the complex's main towing company, the change of which was never passed on to Avesta lease holders. When I was unable to receive an answer from the staff here, I called the towing company. They claimed that my car was abandoned, and when I explained that was not the case, I was screamed at by the operator that I don't have the right to say whether or not my vehicle was abandoned, and subsequently threatened to have both of my other cars towed from the complex as well, both of which are parked legally with valid tags. I'm appalled that my car was essentially towed because I had not been driving that specific vehicle, meanwhile there are two cars that I go by on my daily commute within the complex that have been without tags for over two months. While I understand why a stationary car could be assumed abandoned, I had peeled off the tow stickers and ensured that my car was showing valid plates, and additionally included a note that explained that my tag is in transit from the dealer. This note idea was taken from the Infiniti that has been parked at the end of chicory lane for over 2 months with no plate on it.  Because of the fact that my specific vehicles were the only two that were recently given tow notices, I cannot help but to connect that my comfortability here is being targeted, whether that is to encourage me to move out so renovations can take place, or because I am so outspoken within the community whenever I feel as if we are being kept in the dark. While I understand that this may not necessarily be the case, I would hope that you can realize where this subconscious worry comes from. The second car that I own that was put on tow notice has been moved from the spot it has been resting in. That vehicle has not moved as, since it is a convertible, there have been very few opportunities lately for me to actually drive it. I was in the middle of replacing a failing part on that car when my other vehicle got towed, containing parts for my now disabled back-up vehicle, as it was towed when I stopped to eat dinner. I expected my other car to remain in the spot it is in. However, unsurprisingly, my disgust with the new management has grown. I went outside today to see my vehicle towed from its new resting place, with valid plates and parked correctly. I have a video documenting the condition the vehicle was in before it was towed this morning, so I would like a clear explanation as to why it is gone, and a replacement for a failing part on that vehicle was thrown out when it got towed. As for the car that was towed first, it was parked within applicable laws, and was even showing my decal for the parking space I pay $25 a month for. There is no reason that vehicle should have been towed. Additionally, the tow notice on the car was dated for April 9... Three business days prior to the actual towing. I had pulled off the notice on April 10, ensuring my car was parked legally, and did not give it a second thought.  When this is the case, why would the owner of the vehicle not be contacted? Both vehicles that were under threat by notice were parked legally, and obviously I don't see them as abandoned because I go over and check on them every few days. Furthermore, the tow notices placed on my vehicles were more obscure than I saw when McKinley took over at first. The empty spaces for commentary were filled in with specifics about why the car was on notice. The stickers placed on my windows were only marked with the name "Main office," dated 9 April, and had the box checked for being in an unacceptable condition. Compared to many cars in this complex, my vehicles were in much better repair than others, so I still could not understand the actual reason behind the towing. From previous correspondences, you should know that I do typically work during office hours, so I was also unable to call to inquire further.   One final point I would like to make is that my apartment and vehicles are in the back corner of the neighborhood, where parking spaces are not limited as there are at least five spaces available every night. Why were my vehicles, which were parked within legal rights, towed from a low-traffic area, meanwhile these cars get to sit in the same spot for more than twice the timeframe, and also illegally parked without a tag.  I know that the towing company is not licensed or operated by McKinley, so I understand that what the operator shouted over the phone at me is not technically a part of your issue, but it did frustrate me even further than when I found out my car had been towed for not being moved in some time. I will be expecting either a phone call or email from someone who can give me answers, and fix this wrongdoing.'s picture
maura.boschetti... McKinley Employee

Good morning Michael, 

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concerns pertaining to your vehicles that were recently towed from our parking. I called and left you a voicemail shortly after we spoke with the information as to why your vehicles were towed.

I hope that the information I recently shared with you via email helped clarify your concerns. I also included the towing company information for your records along with pictures for your records.

Hope you have a great day.