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jenniferrodriguez1984's picture
Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Hi, When will the trash situation be fixed? This is truly unacceptable. I’m sorry to sound so harsh but it’s getting worst by the day. There was an announcement sent out last week but it only got worst. Half the parking lot is full of trash and maggots. It’s smells awful and honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we start having a rodent problem. This is unsanitary and should not have to live in this type of environment. Also the pool seems to not have been cleaned up in a very long time. What’s going on? This was never and issue before. This community use to be well kept. I am a very unhappy tenant right now. Please provide an update.

justina.holland's picture
justina.holland McKinley Employee

Good Evening and thank you for the message. The trash is being taken care of tonight and tomorrow morning. I apologize for the delay but I have taken charge of that issue. The pool is being professionally cleaned and tested daily. Our maintenance staff also cleans it every morning. I will be sure to keep checking it daily to make sure it’s being kept up. I truly apologize for the issues that have occurred the past week but I promise you it’s being addressed and will be taken care of. Thank you very much and have a great night.