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Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

I have been noticing the charge for a monthly pet fee. I was told that I would not be getting these charges by one of the employees in your office. I can't remember her name. I would really appreciate I return phone call. My name is Janet Long, I am Angelina's mother. I am the one paying her expenses while being at Full Sail. I would greatly appreciate a return phone call at (813) 394 8215. Thank you in advance.

ilwilliams's picture

yeah i cant pay mine either, my washer is messed and i have like 10 work orders to get fixed and they won't fix it cause i have two dogs that arn't on my lease... im not paying 1300$ for apartment thats messed up... like i cant even wash my clothes at my house that makes no sense but noone is doing anything about it... they dont even have to enter my apartment to fix my washer.I WILL NOT RENEW MY LEASE HERE the people donnt have their stuff together i miss jason -_- at least he actually cared....

justina.holland's picture
justina.holland McKinley Employee

Good Morning,

Mrs. Long, I am sorry about the confusion, Gaby will be giving you a call this morning to discuss that charge. Thank you for your question and concern.

Ms. Ivy,

As discussed with you in the office Friday, you have two large unauthorized dogs on your lease. When my maintenance team went to address your concern the dogs were lose and barking in an attack voice and again they were unaware you had them. As we had discussed I said I am happy to get your work order taken care of but you need to take care of adding the dogs appropriately on your lease as everyone else is required to do so and make sure the dogs are kept away from the staff if they are going to try and bite them. I’m sorry you don’t want to renew your lease with us because of our dog policy. I would be happy to sit down with you again and go over your lease again where it states these items so you can get a better understanding. Thank you and have a great day.

Justina Holland

Community Manager