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BryanRichard's picture
Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Excuse the language in this but I'm a little heated right now; There's an inconsiderate jackass near my building that blares his car radio waking literally everyone up and he comes by at least everyday, to do this shit. I shouldn't have to resort to "Calling the cops" On him, he's apparently a resident, that should make it the building manager's job to make him stop. I was literally trying to sleep and hear his damn car, this is the SECOND time today. Pretty sure it's one of my upstairs neighbors but am unsure. All I know is, it NEEDS TO STOP. This is a residential area and not everyone likes hearing music being blasted. If I can hear it I know damn well others around my apartment area can hear it. It is 100% ridiculous and we shouldn't have to put up with it nor call the cops on him. Next time I hear it, I will get video proof, and get his license plate on camera and report it directly in person to you and if it happens after that, I will call the cops. But I shouldn't have to be dealing with it at 9 PM and this use to be a quiet area back where I'm at, now it's not and it's getting on my last nerves. Thanks, Richard Abel 2407

justina.holland's picture
justina.holland McKinley Employee

Thank you for your feedback. Without knowing which resident this is, it would be difficult for me to issue any kind of notice. We do always recommend calling the cops as they can stop the issue in real time. If you are able to tell me where they live or get me more information I would be happy to speak to them. I know that is very frustrating and no one wants to deal with that. I would hope everyone is respectful or each other in our Community. Thank you for letting me know. 

Justina Holland

Community Manager