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Feedback Question for Schoolhouse Flats

1. I move in on the 19th of April at the School House. I was just wondering how I go about paying the partial rent for the month which is $850 upon move in and by when? 2. When would the nexts months full rent be due? 3. I still haven't been able to get a tout of the school house flats. Is this possible, so I can be more familiar with it before move in? 4. The week after I move in, I was going to have some friends come over for a house warming. Can one reserve the grill for an event, or is it first come, first serve? Thanks, looking forward to hearing back from you and moving in soon. --Daniel Friedman

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camila.rodriguez McKinley Employee

Hi Daniel!

We'll be reaching out to you today to answer all your questions! We're so excited you've chosen to live with us!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

- Cami