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Feedback Question for Piccadilly Flats

How much longer before the trash bins at Piccadilly Flats will be placed back in there contained/enclosed proper place? It's been months and months and let's say it makes the complex look very "trashy" and not in line with the upscale/boutique place this is suppose to be. Thank You

kara.young's picture
kara.young McKinley Employee

Good afternoon,

        I appreciate you reaching out to us with questions regarding your trash bins. We had to remove the trash bins from the enclosed areas to place the sandbags for the community in a protected area. As I am sure you know hurricane season is upon us and we wanted to be proactive in getting the sandbags to the locations that may need them the most. We have plans in extending the roof line and extending the current enclosures to store the trash bins as well as the sandbags.  We are currently waiting for a bid to get this work completed and started in the coming weeks. 

I would like to thank you, in advance for your patience and we look forward to getting these items resolved. 


Kara Young  

Hawkeyes's picture

Thank you Kara for your prompt response and thorough explanation. Flooding has been an issue in the past and I appreciate McKinley being proactive. Look forward to the improvements.